10:00 p.m. Hour, 6-26-58

From the same Chicago Tribune TV WEEK I highlighted last night, here’s a sampling of the programming that aired at the 10 p.m. hour on Thursday, June 26, 1958. As Mitchell Hadley does with his TV GUIDE listing rundowns, I’ll go station-by-station.

WGN-10:00-Dodge City(movie) Errol Flynn stars as a lawman not named Matt Dillon.

WTTW-10:00-Concerts In Hi-Fi Tonight’s featured musical piece, Beethoven’s 7th.

WBKB-10:00-Look Who’s Laughing(movie) Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy get star billing in this movie comedy, plus another top radio duo of the era, Fibber McGee and Molly. Oh, there’s also a redhead in this you might remember, someone named Lucille Ball.

WNBQ-10:00-Len O’Connor(news) He was Len O’Connor. Then at 10:15 came The Utleys. A late-night sitcom at this hour? Actually it was the husband-wife team of Clifton and Frayn doing news commentary. There’s a YouTube video of Clifton doing a late 40’s newscast on WNBQ that’s worth a look. There’s also a sports roundup at 10:20, followed by Dorsey Connors, who had a Sun-Times column for many years at 10:25. Then you can go to bed with Jack Paar at 10:30.

WBBM-10:00-Fahey Flynn plus P.J. Hoff’s weather report. A 15-minute variety show called In Town Tonight followed at 10:15, followed at 10:30 by another newscast with John Harrington. At 10:45, future legendary LA anchor Jerry Dunphy wrapped up the day’s sports happenings, followed by a nightly commentary show from that legendary name-dropper, Irv Kupcinet(just call him Kup for short).

Certainly enough entertainment and info to keep you awake for a little bit, eh?



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