Picture a Van Dyke hosting a summer replacement…

June 29, 1963 Chicago Tribune TV Week cover boy Jerry Van Dyke was fresh from a sleepwalking stint on his brother’s show when he hosted a summer replacement audience participation show called “Picture This.” He didn’t think the object of the game, identifying a phrase by drawing picture clues was interesting, but eventually grew into the game as it progressed. He would remain in demand as a top guest star until, picture this-he landed the lead role in a show about a man and his antique car which turned into the “Mother” of dreck sitcoms. He would “Sleepwalk” into other failed sitcoms until he became Craig T. Nelson’s bumbling assistant “Coach.” Picture that, indeed.

Other highlights of that week’s issue were a story of a “In The News” prototype which aired weekday mornings on WBBM and a listing for a Bugs Bunny show on WBKB which featured the cartoon where Elmer Fudd’s fireworks sparked a Fourth of July invasion by… ants. At least we don’t have to blame that on a “Wascally Wabbit.”



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