Good thing Doritos were just starting out back then…(7/1/67)

It was by this time Frito-Lay introduced a new snack chip that capitalized on our obsession for Mexican food, Doritos brand tortilla chips. Reason for bringing this up? The TV WEEK cover subject on this date was starting a new summer replacement show on CBS called “Our Place” in which he’d be working with his comedian partner, Jack Burns. In the 70’s, he would later be best known for crunching said tortilla chips in a series of commercials. Yes folks, it’s the bushy moustache of one Avery Schreiber, who along with Burns would host Jim Henson’s piano playing Muppet Rowlf, a group of talented young singers and dancers called The Doodletown Pipers and some guest stars such as Woody Allen, Carol Burnett and the comic duo whose show they were replacing for the Summer, The Smothers Brothers. Must’ve been an interesting “place” to visit, while on the 4th…

Also premiering that week on CBS was a British-produced revue called “Spotlight” which was indeed just that, a “Spotlight” for singer Abbe Lane(remember Xavier Cugat?), singer-actor and member of an “United Network,” Noel Harrison and last but not least, a British comic who would enjoy later fame as the star of a blackout-fueled, bawdy variety series which had its share of beautiful girls for him to leer at… Benny Hill. Oh, the chases he must’ve had in 1967.


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