On Sullivan’s Stage-7/2/67

Holiday weekend and he was leading into a summer replacement premiere(Our Place), so the King of Sunday Night needed some fireworks for this “Shew.” So, in the words of Jim Lange, “And Here They Are”…

Jack Benny, Melina Mercouri, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Edward Villella/Patricia McBride from the New York City Ballet, Rich Little, The Muppets and baritone singer/actor Gilbert Price.

Jack Benny would’ve griped about Ed’s fee, while we know Little had at least 2 impersonations up his sleeve that night(John Byner did a fairly good Sullivan, too), Price was probably called upon to do “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” while Mercouri’s placement was well, questionable considering…(remember her movie title?)

While for Paul Revere and his lads, Sullivan probably suggested to his producers, “We can have him ride onstage on his horse and”… When it finally hit him that Revere was a rock act, he said, “just photograph him from the waist up.” Guess he didn’t want any “Kicks” on this night.

I’ll have more Sullivan milestones by this time every Sunday, so be prepared for sword swallowers, knife throwers and that mouse.(“Kiss me goodnight, Eddie”)


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