All clad in Buckskin(and other weighty matters)…

The TV WEEK cover of 7/5/1958 had Jack Paar and the tale of how he went from 3 years without a movie at RKO to a job where he would go to an all-night diner with the hope of not being recognized.  We all know how that turned out, eh? Now to the Western front(not that one, Col. Klink)…

BUCKSKIN-The name of an upcoming Western series premiere on NBC, it revolved around a rooming house run by a widow with a 10-year old son and the numerous characters that passed thru the Montana title town. British trained actress Sallie Brophy played the young mom, with Tommy Nolan playing her young son. Neither name registered with me, but the actor who played the town Marshal might: Mike Road, who later became well-known in vocal form as the sometime surrogate dad to Doctor Benton Quest’s young offspring, Race Bannon. Buckskin ran for 1 season, but returned to NBC in reruns in the summer of 1965.

ON THE WEIGHTY SIDE-Chicago radio man Jack Eigen tipped the scales with a piece on Hollywood starlets fought the battle of the bulge, with one story centering on a talent scout who heard a young singer from Oklahoma with a beautiful voice, thinking she was a bit on the petite side. He met the voice all right, but saw 60 extra pounds which did not fit the voice. Said singer went on a reducing plan and Tennessee Waltzed her way to fame and foods she could afford, but only to look at. Patti Page suceesfully fought that battle, as did Kim Novak, whose 30 pounds of extra weight was a challenge for Hollywood directors, even that noted Svengali of blonde actresses, Alfred Hitchcock. Kate Smith fought the battle by living that mantra, “Living Well Is the Best Revenge.” At a time today when body shaming is one form of bullying, it’s nice to know that some Hollywood starlets “sucked it up” and worked their way around those pounds to lasting fame and fortune.

ETC-WGN premiered a Western anthology series that week which was sponsored by a Borax company(wonder what became of that series?). NBC aired baseball’s mid-summer classic, The All-Star Game from Baltimore. And the series Mr. Adams and Eve aired an episode where a young teen idol was getting death threats. The idol was played by an young actor named Pat Wayne(yes, the Duke’s boy).




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