Fun With Animals(8-3-1958)

Among the broadcast offerings on this day in 1958 were a couple of offbeat episodes involving members of the animal kingdom. In one offering, a syndicated afternoon repeat of Four Star Playhouse(WBBM), an psychiatrist played by David Niven sets out to marry a rancher’s daughter. The rancher’s not too happy, so Niven sets out to ride a horse who’s having some issues. The title of this episode: “Harry and the Psychopathic Horse.” At least it beats putting the horse on a couch.

On Noah’s Ark(NBC), a show set in a animal hospital, one of the patients in this episode was kinda out of tune. It was a squirrel stuck in a Souzaphone! Better that than a turtle stuck in a tuba. The episode title, The Syncopated Squirrel, would’ve been more amusing as a Looney Tune, though.

If animals in offbeat situations weren’t your idea of Sunday entertainment, Bachelor Father(CBS) had the episode where Bentley Gregg(John Forsythe) became just that. Otherwise, that night’s TV was just a bit “Squirrely,” with David Niven riding a psycho horse just for the fun of it.


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