2 noses and a lonesome guy named George…(8-5-1961)

The TVWEEK cover subject on this day in 1961 was a nose by the name of Jimmy Durante, who celebrated his 50th anniversary(+1) in a NBC special. Durante was a piano player at a Coney Island establishment called Diamond Tony’s in 1910 and soon that Schnoz would grow to world renown. Another well-known “nose” named Bob Hope guest-starred on this gala special, but he’s not the other “nose” in this story.

That noted “nose” of Lebanese ancestry Danny Thomas, talked about how young comics are(or can get) their big break. He pointed to nightclubs such as the ones in Chicago where he broke in to try new material and TV variety shows such as Ed Sullivan, where many young comics got their first break. Thomas also brought up Joey Bishop and Dick Van Dyke, who were starting sitcoms this upcoming fall. Thomas ended his piece with this question, “Are young comedians important in our civilization?” To which he answered: “I consider young comedians among our most valuable natural resources. Just look at the headlines. And they’ll get worse before they get better. We’re going to need a laugh or two in the days ahead.” Which brings us to…

George Gobel, who wrote the article, “JOB HUNTING AS A LIFELONG CAREER,” in which he related a conversation with his 15-year old son about career choices(a banker or a jockey?) in which he concluded that young people are often confused about their career choices. He pointed to his own youthful experience, when he was torn between being an egg-candler or a de-wormer in a candy apple factory. Simply put, he said “Graduates should pick out a goal and stick to it.” For more funny examples of this, go here: archives.chicagotribune.com/1961/08/05/page/63 In closing, I am going to look up the word “egg-candler.” Could be a good career move at my age, eh?


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