This reboot business is strictly for “The Birds”

The Munsters, The Jetsons, The Birds. All iconic TV shows/movies, all about to be “rebooted” for no reason essentially except to give it a modern look and feel. So, why mess with the iconic formulas that made them successful in the first place? It all boils down to three simple words: Lack of creativity.

The Munsters were goofy and endearing enough the first time around, so why bother casting for a new Herman, Lily or Grandpa? This Jetsons reboot would make sense if it were say, animated, but this reboot is live action. OK, are there any 5’3 actors around who can play Mr. Spacely? Which brings us to our fine feathered friends from the 1960’s who made mincemeat out of a coastal community in California, not to mention a spectacular torching of a gas station. Hitchcock reboots have met with mixed success, a 80’s remake of his anthology series with colorized opening sequences was a modest one, while Rear Window was remade into a TV movie, a thriller called “Disturbia” and a episode of The Simpsons. Psycho has had a checkered reboot history, starting with sequels in the 1980’s, a ill-advised modern version with Vince Vaughn and a more recent, quite successful prequel series called “Bates Motel” on A&E. But why a new flock of “Birds?”

For one thing, it’s the BBC’s idea to let loose a new flock, plus they’ve been rebooting for years(Doctor Who ring a bell?). But this flock is just as questionable as the others, basically looking for a Tippi Hedren-type to play the socialite whose chasing of Rod Taylor precludes the dastardly dive-bombing of the seaside haven which turns to hell in a matter of minutes. And this new flock? CGI? No matter how this “Birds” gets rebooted, with all the other reboots out there, face it, this flock of lack of creativity is very strictly for “The Birds.”


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