Vee for Vulcan(08-26-1967)

From a TV WEEK(Chicago Tribune) magazine that had a far-from-Menacing Jay North on the cover to promote his new NBC Fall series Maya:

This day’s American Bandstand had “Devil or Angel?” chart-topper Bobby Vee on the show. But he was far from the biggest name on Dick Clark’s weekly teen get-together, as Vee would share the stage with the chart-topper from the planet Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, visiting in support of his album “Mr. Spock’s Sounds From Outer Space.” If you recall, the emotionless one with the ears provided musical support on the harp for Lt. Uhuru in an early episode of Star Trek, but somehow ditched the harp and joined fellow thespians William Shatner, Sebastian Cabot, etc. as Hollywood’s infamous “Golden Throats.” While Capt. Kirk was over-emoting on 60’s standards and Cabot was reciting Bob Dylan of all things, Nimoy was recording such gems as “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.” Guess that foray into the “Hidden Worlds” of music was such a “Hard Hobbit To Break.”

On this day, the Little League World Series was crowning it’s champion in Williamsport, but not on what would be it’s customary home in the later years that followed, “Wide World Of Sports.” It did have a baseball offering on this day, but from the perennial LL stronghold of Japan, their version of our All-Star Game from Tokyo. No doubt their home run king, Sadaharu Oh, was among the stars in this one, called by legendary Yankees/Dodgers announcer Red Barber and a former All-Star of some renown, the noted Dr. Strangeglove, Dick Stuart. “Buy me some peanuts and sushi?”

Finally, 2 nights later, CBS had a prime-time NFL pre-season offering between a couple of teams which would figure prominently a few months later in a frigid classic, the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. Frank Gifford remarked on that day, “I almost bit my coffee;” on this pre-season eve though, the only ice was in the cups of Coca-Cola.


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