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Would you please do me a very special favor? Go to, go to “PAGES,” then scroll down to page 69 for that week’s TV WEEK Fall Preview cover. You will find 7 new shows highlighted by star on the cover; your job will be to pick out the one show that lasted more than one season as well as the three that lasted just the whole season. Seems like fun, right? Then go through the rest of the issue for previews of the shows that premiered that week(ABC, CBS), the shows that did not return and other tidbits of note. That’s your assignment, now go! If for some reason in picking one of those shows, you get caught by a sudden gust of wind…


One thought on “Page 69

  1. As you suggest, THE FLYING NUN was the big winner, running three years (although the episode guide on my cable says they made an unusually large number of episodes in season two–likely run during that third year, while Sally Field was pregnant were her second child (they just let out the habit to compensate for being with her first).
    The full season winners were CIMARRON STRIP (CBS’ own 90-minute Western a la THE VIRGINIAN), GOOD MORNING, WORLD (the escapades of a morning drive time radio team–Julie Parrish played the wife of one. Side note–she suffered a mild stroke in between filming the pilot and the start of series production. While she recovered, she never came across on screen quite as well as before) and THE SECOND HUNDRED YEARS (a man frozen in a glacier is revived…chronologically he is 100, physically and mentally he is 33, and copes with modern life with the help of his now elderly son, and his identical grandson, who is 33–Monte Markham was his own grandpa)

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