A “Very Special” Column(9/4/1967)

Some years back the phrase “Very Special” was overused in TV jargon to describe an episode of some otherwise meaningless milestone or some event that was for lack of a better phrase, “Very Special.” On this Labor Day evening, “Very Special” was used at least a few times to describe the upcoming 1967-68 Fall TV “Season” on ABC, which, considering their no. 3 status could have used any superlative phrase to pass off their upcoming season. Later that evening, WGN aired it’s own hour-long musical variety special starring 2 pretty fair names in 60’s easy listening music, Jack Jones and Vikki Carr. A special featuring 2 fine performers could carry on any title like “An Evening with Jack Jones and Vikki Carr” or “WGN Presents Jack Jones and Vikki Carr.” The title of this musical hour? “A Very Special Occasion.”

Have a “Very Special” Labor Day, everyone.


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