The 9/9/1967 TV WEEK cover reflected the fact that NBC would dominate the premieres that week, with 2 exceptions, a pair of CBS premieres starring a bear(trust me folks, that is Dennis Weaver under Barbara Anderson of “Ironside”) and someone who at the end of her programs tugged an ear. But it would indeed be “NBC WEEK,” getting underway this night with that usual kickoff event from Atlantic City where 50 beauties paraded across our living rooms one-by-one, leading up to Bert Parks crooning “There She Is.” As for those “talent competitions” in the middle of the pageant…

Preceding “Miss America” was a supposedly one-shot special where sketches were presented blackout style and featured bottom-of-the-screen crawls like the one which headlined this article. Yes, Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-in emanated from “Beautiful Downtown Burbank,” but only as an one-shot deal. Viewers, who turned thumbs down to an George Hamilton-hosted pilot in that same time slot the year before, thought otherwise, thus NBC started making plans to turn this one-shot into a full-fledged series, shooting down The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in the process. Incidentally, that title headline was not an actual Laugh-In crawl, just a Tribune TV WEEK writer who couldn’t tell his/her “Worley” from “Morley”(and who left out the “e” in Arte Johnson’s name).

Last but not least, WBKB premiered a new ABC O&O-produced series following F. Lee Bailey’s failed attempt at impersonating Ed Murrow on Sept. 14 called “The Lid’s Off,” where viewers saw political leaders ambushed by one-time rivals, the host asking a Hollywood star viewer-submitted questions and convicts telling what they really thought about life behind bars from behind bars. A show that touchy deserved a rabble-rousing MC, so it was no surprise that The Lid’s Off was hosted by… Art Linkletter. Guess those “Kids” must have really set him off.



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