Most Beautiful Woman on TV? Ask Bob Cummings(1961)

TV WEEK cover boy Bob Cummings knew a thing or 2 about beautiful women, he was surrounded by a bevy of them in his hit 50’s show, Love That Bob/Bob Cummings Show. Surely his wife must have objected to all that on-screen attention! Quite the contrary, she actually encouraged it, thus overruling the original premise of the show, Cummings as a photog who was quite shy around women: Imagine that! Cummings was on the cover to promote his next women-centric show, in which he played a pilot. In the same issue, TV WEEK staffers asked around the Tribune building, “Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman on TV?” Their responses probably would have made Cummings blush himself; as for those responses…

  1. Annie Farge-French beauty who starred as that heavenly “Angel”
  2. Tuesday Weld-Popular guest star of the day, basically, any day besides “Tuesday”
  3. Diane McBain-Shared a houseboat with Miami-based private eyes on Surfside 6
  4. Abby Dalton-Jackie Cooper’s nurse on Hennessey, later married Joey Bishop on his show
  5. Pat Crowley-Before she was picking “Daisies”
  6. Barbara Eden-Not “bottled up” as of yet, but she was already an eyeful to any “Master” of the day.
  7. Dorothy Provine-Midwestern beauty who first thrived in “The Roaring 20’s,” then later went “Mad, Mad, Mad”…
  8. Lola Albright-Peter Gunn’s secretary
  9. Lee Philip-Chicago midday talk maven, who later helped preside over a bevy of “Restless” beauties through long-running daytime soapers
  10. Out of all these 1961 beauties, who would you choose? Better yet, who would Bob Cummings choose? Now that’s a “Picture” we would’ve “Liked!”

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