Rock, Doris and a upcoming “Mutiny”(09/19/1967)

From pages 50 and 51 of today’s Chicago Tribune TV Today, these tidbits:

-ABC breaks up it’s recent “Africa” mega-special, turning it into 4 1-hour installments airing beginning this Tuesday morning and the next 3 Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Africa’s competition? Game shows on NBC and Beverly Hillbillies/Andy Griffith reruns on CBS.

-NBC has the big prime-time coup this night, a Rock Hudson-Doris Day rom-com hit, Send Me No Flowers, where Rock believes he’s about to meet his maker and lines up would-be suitors for his unsuspecting wife. Typical, but classic 60’s misunderstanding at it’s funniest best with one of the top romantic teams of the era.

-ABC has 2 ads for it’s upcoming “Mutiny On The Bounty” premiere, a brief blurb proclaiming “SUNDAY IS THE NIGHT OF THE MUTINY” and a contest where knowledge of the “Mutiny” could win someone a trip to Tahiti. One question though has nothing to do with the movie itself, it is for the 2 Ford models that were debuting that night, though I don’t think “DaVinni and Bearcat” were actual Fords.

-NBC’s Tonight Show welcomed Rod Serling as a guest this night, which would almost lead you to believe that ‘The Mighty Carson Art Players” would do a Twilight Zone takeoff. You would be wrong, Budweiser-breath!(there’s more?) Some “Matchless” guy by the name of Rayburn was hosting that night(a Match Game semi-regular in the 70’s, Orson Bean, was also on that night).

-One final item, Judy The Chimp went on a crime spree on Daktari that night. Not sweet, lovable Judy!


2 thoughts on “Rock, Doris and a upcoming “Mutiny”(09/19/1967)

  1. Orson Bean is more identified with his stint as a regular on the original TO TELL THE TRUTH…

    The TV debut of SEND ME NO FLOWERS is big news because it was in the theaters just three years before…the growth in the popularity of theatrical movies on the small screen means the studios are willing to provide them to the networks sooner, especially the big hits
    (to compare, HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE was eight years old when it was the first NBC Saturday movie in 1961)

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  2. Within a year, Universal sold it in a package to local stations, including the ABC owned ones…WLS Chicago debuted it in their late movie Saturday, November 16, 1968.


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