How(or “Who”) do you counter a “Mutiny?”

Sunday September 24, the night of the “Mutiny.” For all the hype ABC put into to pull off this Marlon Brando-led “Mutiny,” the other networks did whatever they could to counter ABC’s “Bounty” of a night. NBC may have played it safe, scheduling their usual Sunday fare, without any hint of a major guest star or a major plot line to upstage Brando’s Tahiti-bound machinations(OK, they had wild west-themed cartoons on Disney to counter Bounty’s lead-in, a McDonald’s sponsored “Holiday On Ice” special with Johnathan Winters). As for CBS, it had it’s “Eye” peeled and it’s “Winner’s Circle” stocked with guest-stars of significance on it’s showcase Sunday shows. On Ed Sullivan, just these 2 guests were listed(the rest of the lineup probably had the usual novelties), Florence Henderson and The Mamas And The Papas.

The latter sounded like “Smothers Brothers” material, but besides Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney, the bickering folk-singing sibs who followed also countered not with “what,” but with “Who” as in, “The.” Yes, this was the one where Keith Moon’s drumming was literally “smoking.” No doubt “Mutiny” won the night, but it usually takes that one moment that can steal the night. And that’s something that could happen(and did) at least once in “My Generation.”


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