What I Learned This Week

That the Chicago Tribune archives are no longer free(thanks, newspapers.com)-but if you send a friend request to Daniel Borgman on Facebook, he’ll be happy to share his 500+ TVWEEK’s with you.

That the CBS Friday Night Movies in 1967 were on a roll: the previous week, Jimmy Stewart courageously plunked down Lee Marvin(Liberty Valance); this week, it was crop-dusters, Mt. Rushmore and an unsuspecting chap named Roger Thornhill.

That Perry Mason’s “hamburger” of a DA was recuperating in a California hospital in the final arguments of his own personal final case: lung cancer.

That fuzzymemories.tv posted a full Monkees episode from a 1980 WFLD(Field Communications, Chicago) airing on YouTube complete with commercials, including that for a short-lived Ralston Purina cereal, Waffelo’s. “Then I Saw Her Face…”

That we were in the final weekend of an epic baseball pennant race in the American League in 1967, with a game and a half separating Minnesota, Boston, Detroit and the White Sox. Who needed football that weekend?

That I don’t have to do this again for a few days, plus at least the Google Newspaper Archives are free. Ciao!


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