It’s been a week, so here goes…

Not too long ago I was posting maybe every other day when it happened… CHICAGO TRIBUNE ARCHIVES NO LONGER FREE! Guess you can say I’m in some kind of withdrawal, but hey, that’s why there’s baseball!

Expanded playoffs over the years have diluted the traditional watching experience in the fall known as the World Series(not to mention late start times), but it is worth it just to relive the memories of bringing the transistor to school to sneak a listen or the mere hope that someone would wheel in the TV to the classroom to see a Series game.  Where were you when…

Mazeroski stunned the Yankees in game 7? Fisk begged it to stay fair(and it did) in the 12th? The ball went through Buckner’s legs? Gimpy-kneed Kirk Gibson stunned the A’s with an improbable home run?

All watching in front of our TV’s in October, which we will do again this year, because there is so much magic and memories in the post-season, even if it does run into November.


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