OK, so it’s been 2 months…

But still, you should find out how I’m doing every now and then, so here goes: I’ve been watching a lot of “Media Mix” on YouTube, which means a lot of obscure old shows from the 50’s featuring a military dramedy starring Ralph Meeker called “Not For Hire” and a Ray Milland drama about a jet-setting lawyer-PI named “MARKHAM.” So if and when I feel like posting some amusing facts about these gems, you will see them here. I am also now a moderator of the FB group, “The TV Archives,” so chances are, I may have approved an article from you or your membership in the last couple of days. Thanks to Ken Douglas for adding that to my social media schedule! So this is where I stand right now, if it takes me another two months to post, then it’ll take me another 2 months to post. That being said, if you have any article ideas for me, let me know, I’ll try to post when I have the time and whenever fantasy football ends. It’s playoff season, you know.


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